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Usually, One Lung Ventilation (OLV) is applied in thoracic surgery and permit to isolate the left or right lung ventilation of a patient. This technique can be essential in case of emergency and in case of one side pulmonary disease, where the aim is to decrease ventilator mechanic load on ill lung and the consequent damages.

There are different methods of OLV that provide the use of right- and left-sided endobronchial tube with PVC double- or single-lumen and endobronchial blocker associated with single-lumen endobronchial tube: in all cases the control of their correct placement is very important, in order to permit correct monopulmonary ventilation.

The results of studies indicate that the use of flexible endoscope, used to guarantee endotracheal tube correct placement, is the better practice, in contrast with auscultation.

Bronchoscope are particularly delicate, so they suffer of repeated sterilization cycles and they accidentally break always more frequently; on the other side, all the studies are agreed to affirm that a defect on cleaning and disinfection procedures of bronchoscope after use cause transmission of infection to the patient. Moreover, the bronchoscope passage across double-lumen endotracheal tubes is not simple in particular way for small caliber tube (35 and 37 Fr.).

Lately, Ambu has introduced on market an innovative system to solve all described problems:
Selective intubation system with embedded video imaging device for continuous monitoring of correct placement of endotracheal tube during OLV.


Left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube, VivaSight™-DL

Sterile, single-use, left-sided, double-lumen cuffed PVC endobronchial tube with an apical embedded CMOS video imaging device, useful to control anatomical structures visually during intubation and ventilation procedures, permit to exclude ventilation of one lung maintaining the other side ventilation.

vivasight dl

VivaSight™-DL products are intended to avoid the traditional problems in the use of conventional endotracheal tubes, so they provide:

  • Seamless integration with standard intubation procedure;
  • Elimination of cross contamination – supplied as single-use, sterile device;
  • High resolution, electro-optical camera with integrated illumination source:
    • Does not reduce patient air flow during use;
    • Does not create an electro-magnetic field;
    • Integrated flushing system allowing for rapid camera lens cleaning;
  • Decreased patient trauma and increased workflow efficiencies. The proven technology that has been implemented in over 50.000 procedures worldwide.


Single-lumen endotracheal tube, VivaSight™-SL, and endobronchial blocker, VivaSight™-EB

Vivasight slSingle-lumen endotracheal tube, VivaSight™-SL, with embedded CMOS video imaging device, permit temporary artificial ventilation in adults that need mechanical ventilation. VivaSight™-SL can be used during surgery, but also in case of emergency to maintain airway opened.

During OLV, control and direct vision of endotracheal tube placement using embedded video imaging device permit to operate in complete security and the possibility to see immediately eventual errors in blocker placement during surgery. The same initial placement procedure of blocker, that’s more difficult cause of imperfect vision, results considerably improve thanks to direct vision through embedded video imaging device.

Single-use endobronchial blocker with silicon cuff, VivaSight™-EB, has a dimension of 9 Fr. with pre-curved shape to a simple selection of bronchial tube. Moreover, it has a simple and efficient lock off mechanism to guarantee the block and has a special valve that promote an easy advancement.

The VivaSight™ devices are produced by Ambu A/S. and exclusively distributed on the italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.

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