Verigene® system

Nanosphere: Verigene System

nanosphere_hero_626pxThe company Nanosphere, Inc. has developed an innovative system called Verigene®, a workstation for molecular diagnostics that used patented technology of gold nanoparticles. The system is able to detect the target nucleic acid useful for a range of applications.
From the beginning, the system Verigene® has been designed to makes molecular diagnostic tests simple, accessible and flexible ensuring high sensitivity, precision and rapid multiplex detection of targets required by these applications.
The force factor of this technology is the rapidity with which it is able to obtain various results. The most important parts of every system Verigene® are the two laboratory instruments: Verigene® Reader e Verigene® Processor SP. The Verigene® system utilizes disposable laboratory consumables, including Verigene® cartridge.
Through the use of the platform Verigene®, it is possible to perform the following tests:

  • BC-GN: useful test for the identification of gram-negative and its resistance
  • BC-GP : useful test for the identification of gram-positive and its resistance
  • CLO+ : in vitro diagnostic test for detecting and genotyping alleles * 2, * 3, * 17 of the CYP2C19 gene from genomic DNA extracted from a sample of whole blood
  • HC: nucleic acid test F5, nucleic acid test F2 and nucleic acid test MTHFR.
  • RV+ : test that allows to simultaneously detect multiple nucleic acids of respiratory viruses in samples of nasopharyngeal swabs. Many nucleic acids are identified with the RV + test: influenzavirus A, influenzavirus A subtype H1, influenzavirus A subtype H3, the 2009 H1N1, influenzavirus B, respiratory syncytial virus RSV subtype A and subtype B.
  • WF : The nucleic acid test for the metabolism of warfarin is an in vitro diagnostic test for detecting and genotyping alleles * 2 and * 3 in the CYP2C9 gene and a polymorphism at a single point (C to T at position 1173) of the VKORC1 gene.

The entire system kit Verigene® is produced by Nanosphere, Inc. and is distributed exclusively on the Italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.

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