SPiN Drive Navigation System

Veran SPiN Drive Navigation System is a revolutionary platform that puts you in control of bronchoscopic yields to help speed time to diagnosis and give you the answers you need in a short time.

You can either choose to go with broncoscopy or with a percutaneous approcach.


  • Superior 3D Road Map Based on Inspiration/Expiration CT Scan Protocol
  • Possibility to visualize the whole way to the nodule;
  • Possibility to use it in association with a bronchoscope;
  • Reduction of diagnosis time;
  • Respiratory Gating to track and capture moving targets
  • Clear view – even while performing a biopsy – thanks to the electromagnetic sensors on the special “Always-On Tip Tracked®” Instruments;
  • Wide range of consumables, to satisfy all needs.


  • Needles;
  • Forceps;
  • Brush;
  • Catheters;
  • VPad;
  • Guidewires;
  • IR Instruments.

The SPiN Drive Navigation System Technology was developed by Veran Medical Technologies, Inc., based in the U.S.A..


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