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Vascular prostheses are medical devices that are implanted in order to restore the effectiveness of a vascular tract that is no longer able to carry the blood properly. In almost all cases, vascular implants are designed for arterial system: the venous pathologies are much less severe, the venous pressure is lower than arterial pressure (this limiting vascular damages), vascular damages are limited, and venous blood is usually drained by collateral circulation. The application of a vascular prosthesis has thus the function to restore the correct flow conditions reducing the risk of blood vessel rupture.

Neointimal hyperplasia is a physiological response of the blood vessel for abnormal situation and this usually occurs in the distal anastomosis. Neointimal hyperplasia is the main cause of grafts failure.

Spiral Laminar Flow™ technology was developed to help restore the body’s own natural and efficient method of transporting blood in situations where our own vessels need to be replaced by prosthetic vascular grafts to repair diseased veins and arteries.

The innovative Spiral Laminar Flow™ technology recreates the body’s natural blood flow pattern eliminating turbulence as a cause of neointimal hyperplasia. Spiral Flow™ grafts are unique in construction from all other prosthetic vascular grafts, and are the only grafts proven to induce Spiral Laminar Flow™, remodelling turbulent flow into the normal pattern seen throughout the body.

Once installed, the Spiral Flow™ Vascular Access Graft will create spiral flow immediately. Spiral Laminar Flow™ is easily determined by taking a transverse color Doppler ultrasound over the distal portion of the graft or anastomosed vein.

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The unique characteristics of the vascular prosthesis Spiral Flow ™ allow many benefits, including:

  • Improve the flow and device patency
  • Prolong the effective life of devices and avoid its failure
  • Reduce downstream disease progression
  • Improve patient quality of life



Spiral Flow™ vascular prosthesis are produced by Vascular Flow Technologies Ltd and exclusively distributed in Italy by MOSS S.p.A..

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