BTG – CTO Crossing Devices

CenterCross, CenterCross Ultra, MicroCross and MultiCross micro-catheters

BTG’s patented product portfolio is focused on helping clinicians better treat complex lesions in their patients’ coronary and peripheral arteries.

The CenterCross and MultiCross platforms utilize unique self-expanding nitinol scaffolds to provide significant local support for the clinician, as well as to centralize the wire lumen(s) away from the vessel wall. This provides the clinician superior control to successfully navigate a guidewire across a lesion.

BTG’s MicroCross catheters (14, 14es, 18) are a line of highly advanced, low-profile microcatheters that set a new standard for trackability in challenging coronary and peripheral vasculature.

With thousands of patients treated worldwide, these devices allow successful treatment of patients affected with the most challenging arteries diseases.


CenterCross and CenterCross Ultra

The CenterCross Catheter offers a 3F central lumen that is centered and anchored proximal to the target lesion. This allows the CenterCross to provide maximum support for guidewires and microcatheters, to successfully navigate complex coronary and peripheral interventions.

The CenterCross Ultra is the latest addition to the BTG portfolio. Like CenterCross, it offers a 3F central lumen that is centered and anchored proximal to the target lesion. This offers maximum support for guidewires and microcatheters to successfully navigate distal guidewire access in complex coronary and peripheral interventions. With Ultra, the scaffold may also be removed, such that the outer sleeve (Roxliner) remains as a guide extension for other interventional tools, such as PTCA, DES, etc. CenterCross Ultra offers a 4.5mm self-expanding scaffold, while CenterCross Ultra LV offers a 8.0mm scaffold for peripheral use


Micro 14 MicroCross – Micro 14es MicroCross – Micro 18 MicroCross

Micro14 and Micro18 are advanced microcatheters which allow clinicians to traverse through tortuous anatomy and the most challenging lesions in the peripheral and coronary vasculature.

Featuring an ultra-low diameter profile, a state-of-the-art hydrophilic coating, and a unique variable-pitch braided shaft,Micro14 and Micro18 can track through highly demanding lesions, where traditional microcatheters fall short.



The MultiCross Catheter offers 3 separate 0.014” wire lumens to provide multiple wire options for complex coronary and peripheral interventions.  MultiCross facilitates antegrade wire escalation, while providing anchoring and centering for maximum catheter support. This leaves the control of crossing complex lesions where it belongs – in the physician’s hands.


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