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Medasense Biometrics: NOL Technology

Medasense-PMD-200-operating roomDuring surgery under general anaesthesia, a patient’s body reacts to painful stimuli (nociception). This intraoperative pain can stress the body and worsen pain after surgery. As the patient can’t communicate – it is hard for clinicians to evaluate. Consequently, patients may be given insufficient analgesia, which may promote postoperative pain or excessive analgesia, which may cause respiratory complications, nausea and vomiting, hyperalgesia,and other complications.

Medasense’s PMD-200 monitor, based on the NOL™ (Nociception Level) technology, is a non-invasive and continuous nociception monitoring device. By using it, anaesthesia teams are able to assess nociception, and better titrate analgesic medications – avoiding excessive use or underuse of opioids.

The system consist of a non-invasive finger probe which continuously acquires physiological signals through 4 sensors:

  • PPG-photoplethysmograph
  • GSR-Galvanic Skin Response
  • Peripheral temperature
  • Accelerometer

From these 4 sensors the system extracts dozens of physiological parameters.
Pattern recognition algorithms analyze the data and reflect the information in a single nociception level index – the NOL™.

The NOL™ is presented on a scale from 0 (absence of nociception) to 100 (extreme nociception).


NOL™ is calibrated to an individual and provides continuous real time monitoring:

  • Accurate & Objective assessment of nociception
  • Optimization & Personalization of analgesic treatment
  • Faster intervention through earlier detection of nociception
  • Reduces practice variability


PMD-200™ (and NOL™ technology) is developed by Medasense Biometrics Ltd. and exclusively distributed in Italy by MOSS S.p.A..

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