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nastent™ classic is a tube-shaped medical device that is inserted from the nose. The tip of the tube reaches the soft palate (near the uvula). The inserted tube aids breathing by preventing the obstruction of the airway which causes poor sleep, frequent awakening during sleep and snoring.

nastent™ classic is made from extremely soft material and is designed to be used by many patients with minimal discomfort. That’s why there are eight different lengths for left nostril and eight others for right nostril (120 to 155mm).

nastent™ Advanteges:

  • Mute and almost invisible
  • Ingenious nasal clip system
  • It adapts to your morphology
  • Coated with a natural water-based lubricating gel
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • It is as soft as your skin

Therapeutical effect of nastent™ on apnea-hypopnea index and on oxygen desaturation index in 14 patients

nastent™ classic was developed by Seven Dreamers.


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