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Triojection System®

Each year in the United States there are more than 1M patients that try steroid injections to relieve the pain associated with a disc herniation in their lower back. Other 4M usually take steroids for the same reason, while 250.000 opt for surgery.

Ozone injections are an alternative to those therapies and are practised directly into the herniated disc: the gas fills the disc and then infiltrates out through the herniation, reducing its dimensions, relieving pressure, and reducing inflammation. 

Triojection, developed by Minimus Spine, is the only system producing and measuring a precise concentration of gas inside a sterile syringe. This gives greater confidence in the safety and reliability in the procedure, thus becoming a benchmark in its field.

Triojection® is indicated for herniated lumbar discs that compress or otherwise irritate the dura or exiting nerve root (as confirmed by patient history supported with MRI or radiographic findings), resulting in leg pain with or without back pain. It improves patient care and cuts health care costs by reducing the number of steroid injections and surgeries.


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