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Cervical Immobilization Collar

Cervical collar Lubo, developed by Inovytech, is the only non-invasive solution able to open the airway by imitating the Jaw thrust maneuver while protecting the cervical spine, allowing any first-responder to manage the patient’s airways in a simple and immediate way.

While the common cervical collars may compromise the patient’s airway by obstructing both the professional medical personnel from performing intubation and the Basic Life Support first responders from manually performing a Jaw-thrust maneuver, Lubo secures patent airway while immobilizing the spine without causing damage to the patient’s neck.

Lubo also enables performing intubation, if needed, while maintaining cervical spine fixation.

Moreover, it is easy to use and can be included in any first-aid kit.

At its beginnings, Lubo was used by the Israeli Army (IDF).

Its creator, Dr. Omri Lubovski, was an aviation pilot who understood there was a great need to develop a method to mantain the airways open in a non-invasive, quick and efficient way – which was something crucial whenever the conditions of the patient, or the ones of the environment, were complicated.

Principal Features

  • Non-invasive airways management
  • Cervical spine fixation
  • Helps reducing the need for invasive medical devices (that can cause nausea and vomit);
  • Neck free immobilization;
  • Supports intubation (no need to remove it);
  • Easy to use, quick, efficient, non-painful solution;
  • Adjustable to Size, comes in many types: Lubo Regular, Lubo Military Model, Lubo Mini.


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