Inspire® Upper Airway Stimulation

Inspire Medical System: Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation System

applicationThe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious disease that affects the airways and, consequently, causes adverse effects such as the increase in the risk of cardiovascular complications, excessive daytime sleepiness, and a general deterioration of the quality of life. During sleep the patient’s airways constrict proportionally to the natural relaxation of the muscles. This condition determines automatically a rude awakening. Until now, the problem has been partially solved with the use of positive pressure mechanical ventilation (Positive Airway Pressure – CPAP / BiPAP).
Some patients, however, do not feel comfortable with the mask and its connecting tube.

In addition, the air flow is often perceived too vigorous and noisy.

The implantable neurostimulation system Inspire® has the purpose to contrast relaxation of the tongue during sleep that causes apneas and consequent respiratory crisis.

The system is similar to a cardiac pacemaker, with the difference that this device acts with a stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve, inducing the contraction of muscles of the neck and tongue and maintaining the airways open.

As soon as the system is turned on, the respiratory pattern it detected and the device is synchronized to it; implantable neurostimulation system Inspire® starts to stimulate the hypoglossal nerve, the air flow is stabilized and the pressure on the oesophagus is reduced.

The entire configuration is composed of:

  • Electrode sensor positioned on the chest that identifies initial period of the patient’s breathing and sends a signal to the generator;
  • Implantable Pulse Generator which creates the electrical impulse and sends it to the electrode;
  • Electrode for stimulation of the nerve that transmits the impulse to the hypoglossal nerve;
  • Interface with the user commands;
  • Device Programming.

The technology offers a high degree of safety and improves significantly the quality of life of patients. The surgery to implant the device is safe and does not leave any visible scars.
The implantable neurostimulation system Inspire® is exclusively distributed on the Italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.


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