Wireless uroflowmetry, for ambulatory and homecare

MINZE uroflowmetry systems are available in two versions, HOSPIFLOW (for use in hospital, clinic or doctor’s room) and HOMEFLOW (for use at home by the patient).

The flow transducer is load cell type and works with normal or rechargeable batteries.

The particularity of the Minze system lies in the fact that it can be installed on any toilet without the use of a dedicated commode chair; it can be installed for use by women (sitting position) and men (standing position) and also has a special potty adapter for children, so that they can perform a uroflow examination without even realizing it.

The connection of the system with the analysis and reporting software is made via the network and this guarantees the possibility to access it from any location connected to the internet, even from a mobile phone or tablet.  


The system is equipped with a voiding diary available through an APP that the patient can compile in a very simple way and in which data are automatically integrated with the uroflowmetric trace. In the case of home use, the system can store several flows followed in several days, so that the urologist can have a complete view of the patient’s condition and the effectiveness or not of a prescribed therapy.


Bluetooth connected. Data Wirelessly transferred to the cloud.

On any toilet

No need for a dedicated

space. Mobile use.

Familiar environment

Natural voiding position in a familiar environment.

Clinician portal

Easy-to-use cloud software.

Compare & assess flows.



Minze Homeflow: diagnosis and monitoring of voiding disorders at home from Minze Health on Vimeo.


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