EndoSheath® Cystoscopy

Flexible Cystoscopy System


Hospital infections are one of the most frequent and serious complications in the health care system. These infections usually occur during hospitalization or after patient dismissal, although previous symptoms were neither clinically manifest, nor were incubated.

These hospital infections are very expensive for the National Heath System: a recent study conducted by Marsh, a leading insurance mediation and consulting company, declares that the total annual cost of infections in healthcare environments involves about 8 million euro. The national average is raising up to 3.4 claims for infections per 1000 patients with an average cost per claim amounting to 50.000 €, in addition to social costs related for prolonged hospitalization.

About 80% of all hospital infections cover four main districts: urinary tract, surgical wounds, respiratory system and systemic infections (sepsis, bacteremia). The most frequent is the urinary infections (35-40% of all hospital infections). The diffusion in the use of cystoscopy and the indications of the method in high-risk situations for the presence of pathogens, the emergence of new antibiotic resistance and the re-emergence of micro-organisms have reported many cases of infections transmitted through the cystoscope and its accessories.

Laborie/Cogentix Medical, Inc. has launched a specific line for cystoscopy that is unique: the flexible video-cystoscope CST-5000 and flexible fibro-cystoscope CST-4000 are associated with a system of disposable sheaths. In this way, cystoscopy becomes rapid, flexible and always sterile.

With the use of disposable sheaths with Slide-On® EndoSheath® technology, the flexible video-cystoscope or the flexible fibro-cystoscope are always ready to use by changing the sheath and it is possible to quickly move from one patient to another with less risk and without having to wait between one operation and the other. Sterile disposable sheaths act as a barrier of protection for patients and users against the spread of potentially pathogenic materials. The operating channel within the sheaths varies from 1.5mm to 2.1mm for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


The flexible video-cystoscope CST-5000 is sold together with its digital video processor DPU-7000 LCD system for better image resolution, while the flexible fibro-cystoscope CST-4000 is sold with a portable light source to offer the best portability.

Thanks to the innovative Slide-On® EndoSheath® technology, an urologist could:

  • Increase safety level for patients and be always ready and always sterile for any eventuality
  • Improve physicians productivity
  • Increase the operation workflow with the chance to choose within different operating channels
  • Reduce the costs for repair, maintenance and sterilization

The flexible video-cystoscope CST-5000 and flexible fibro-cystoscope CST-4000 with Slide-On® EndoSheath® technology are produced by Laborie/Cogentix Medical, Inc. and exclusively distributed on the national territory by MOSS S.p.A..


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