Endo P®

Fluid management pump for urologic surgery

The ENDO P® is a novel mechanical fluid management system developed for supporting the surgeon during urological endoscopic procedures. The principal features are:

  • Control of cavity pressure
    • Precise delivery of fluid pressure into the cavity during surgery.
    • A patented method enables individual pressurizing of the cavity, based on the patient and/or the surgery type required.
    • Precise control over pressure, results in reduced bleeding per-operatively, potentially improving safety and visibility during surgery.
  • Improved visibility during surgery
    • With an increased visibility during endoscopic procedures, the surgeon can improve the outcome.
    • Additional benefits of improved visibility are reduced operation time and per-operative fluid consumption.
  • Fluid temperature control
    • When the ENDO P® is combined with the Bonvisi heater – ENDO H® – irrigated fluids are temperature controlled. This further reduces the risk of per-operative bleeding since body temperature that is too low, diminishes the coagulation function.
  • Fluid bag control
    • The ENDO P® can easily be combined with EBI™, an Empty Bag Indicator. When the fluid bag is nearly empty, ENDO P® alerts the user to the situation. If the fluid bag becomes empty ENDO P® halts, preventing air from coming into the cavity, so reducing the risk of air-embolism.

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ENDO P® system is manufactured by Bonvisi AB and exclusively distributed on Italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.

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