Ra-Medical: DABRA Laser

The DABRA™ Atherectomy System accommodates a DABRA™ catheter to deliver the laser energy to arterial blockages. Operating parameter ranges for this excimer laser system are fluence between 8 and 15mJ/mm2 and pulse repetition rates between 20 and 80 pulses per second. It is a XeCl excimer laser that emits pulses of ultraviolet light at 308 nm. Excimer lasers are a class of gas-discharge lasers, in which pulsed high energy electrical current is passed through a gas mixture. In excimer lasers, the mixture contains a rare gas (Ar, Kr, or Xe) and a halogen (Cl or F).

The DABRA™ catheter has a 1.5mm diameter, it is the first atherectomy device designed to be used without a guidewire. It tends to track the true lumen even while ablating tough calcified lesions without a guidewire in front.

The DABRA™ catheter is designed as a forward cutting device. It won’t damage the vessel wall, which improves safety and prevents perforation and subintimal penetration.

DABRA™ catheters are disposable, intuitive to use, and CE marked, and The DABRA™ Atherectomy System laser lightsource is small enough for any treatment room.

The DABRA™ device is produced by Ra Medica, Inc. and exclusively distributed on the Italian territory by MOSS S.p.A..

Case Study: 50-Year-Old Female Patient

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