System design to improve epidural space identification


Epidural anesthesia is a form of loco-regional anesthesia that involves the administration of anesthetic drugs through a catheter placed in the epidural space. The anesthesia is defined as loco-regional: large parts of the body are anesthetized (a limb, a chest or abdomen district, also in depth), while local anesthesia stops the pain only in a limited and superficial part of the body.

The epidural block can be used for analgesic or anesthetic purposes: the difference is given by different dosage or concentration of the drugs used.

Incorrect needle insertion in spine or in spinal cord, repeated attempts, the use of excessive force during the procedure or an accidental Dura Mater puncture could cause injuries and lead to debilitating complications as a severe nerve injury with short and long term consequences. Other minor complications such as headache, back or sciatic pain may occur in case of improper catheter insertion.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument produced by Milestone Scientific, Inc. is a patented computer-controlled injection system geared to the needs of the medical market. Patented Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS) technology and the latest version of Milestone’s patented software, Logic 10, provide visual and audible in-tissue continuous simultaneous pressure feedback, differentiating and identifying tissue types to the clinician. This safe and effective feedback aids the clinician in identifying a specific anatomic location with greater accuracy and alerts them if the needle drifts from that position. The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument has far greater sensitivity than the typical loss of resistance syringe giving the clinician the confidence that the epidural space has been located based upon accurate real time pressure readings.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument precisely controls the flow rate of fluid based upon exit pressure at the needle tip thereby reducing the volume required to accurately identify the epidural space. Together, these features give the clinician the confidence that the epidural space has been identified and that the catheter, if necessary, will be placed in the proper position accurately.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument has 2 power sources, a standard AC plug as well as a built-in lithium-ion battery pack, that allow the clinician the ability to perform procedures on multiple patients without being attached to an AC source. The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument weighs in at a mere 2.3kg and this allows the clinician to quickly move from room to room with very little effort. It can be attached to an IV pole or simply set on a cart for optimal portability.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument is produced by Milestone Scientific, Inc. and exclusively distributed on the italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.


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