EndoSheath® Bronchoscopy

Flexible Bronchoscopy System

205_VIsionSciences_277x538The diffusion in the use of bronchoscopy and the indications of the method in high-risk situations for the presence of pathogens, the emergence of new antibiotic resistance and the re-emergence of micro-organisms have reported many cases of infections transmitted through the bronchoscope and its accessories.
Although it is not always possible to establish a causal link, all studies agree that a lack of procedures for cleaning and disinfection the bronchoscope after its use leads to transmitting infection to the patient.

Laborie/Cogentix Medical, Inc. has launched a specific line for bronchoscopy that is unique: the flexible video-bronchoscope BRS-5100 and flexible fibro-bronchoscope BRS-4000 in which high performance is associated with a system of disposable sheaths. In this way the procedure bronchoscopy becomes rapid, flexible and always sterile.

With the use of disposable sheaths with Slide-On® EndoSheath® the fiberoptic bronchoscope or the bronchovideoscope are always ready to use by changing the sheath and it is possible to quickly move from one patient to another with less risk and without having to wait between one operation and the other. Sterile disposable sheaths act as a barrier of protection for patients and users against the spread of potentially pathogenic materials.

The video flexible bronchoscope BRS-5100 is sold together with its digital video processor DPU-7000 LCD for better image resolution, while the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope BRS-4000 is sold with the portable light source BLS-1000.

BRS-5000 details

Our disposable sheaths contain also operating channels of 1.5mm, 2.1mm or 2.8mm for irrigation, suction, or passage of auxiliary equipment.

Thanks to the innovative Slide-On® EndoSheath® it is possible to have some great advantages:

  • Always ready for any eventuality
  • Sterile, the bronchoscope is never in contact with the patient
  • Lower maintenance costs, the bronchoscope must not be sterilized and is not in contact with corrosive substances and disinfectants
  • Lower cost in equipment, fewer bronchoscopes for more procedures
  • Operating channels that should not be cleaned and disinfected
  • Choice of operating channels of different sizes
  • Increased operational flexibility, procedures always on time, less waiting time between procedures, ability to easily manage emergencies
  • The passage of the operational tools (needles, forceps and laser) through the operating channel does not damage the bronchoscope
  • No exposure for doctors, nurses and patients to toxic chemicals for disinfection of the endoscope
  • Operating channels for suction and irrigation are always sterile

The flexible video-bronchoscope BRS-5100 and the flexible fibro-bronchoscope BRS-4000 with Slide-On® EndoSheath® are produced by Laborie/Cogentix Medical, Inc. and exclusively distributed on the national territory by MOSS S.p.A.


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