Medispec: Cardiospec

cardiospecThe management of patients who suffer from coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major challenge for cardiology and cardiac surgery. Patients with coronary artery disease have often symptoms with recurrent angina, shortness of breath and other debilitating conditions. These patients often have to repeat coronary artery bypass procedures and multiple percutaneous interventions.

The system Cardiospec™, product by Medispec, leader in the production of equipment for shock wave lithotripsy, uses the most advanced technologies in order to make treatment of Cardiac Revascularization extremely precise.

Shock waves are acoustic waves and are released in the form of waves in single pulses with high amplitude, short duration and short rise time.
The shock waves are released in a non-invasive and focused manner by a special ellipsoidal reflector. The reflector is coupled to the patient’s skin near the affected area with an appropriate gel. The distance of the focal zone in the body of the patient is adjusted according to the clinical needs.
During the treatment the patient does not feel any kind of pain and acute or long-term side effects were not reported. The complete treatment consists in 9 sessions in a time period of 9 weeks. Each session lasts for 20-30 minutes. Three treatments are carried out in the first week, during the fifth week and the ninth week.
It is not necessary any type of sedation and the procedure does not require a sterile environment.
After just three months of treatment it is possible to observe:

  • a reduction in angina class;
  • an increase in exercise capacity;
  • an improvement in physical limitations;
  • a reduction in the consumption of nitrates per week;
  • no side effects.

The system Cardiospec™, exclusively distributed in Italy by MOSS S.p.A., is a innovative device and it is simple to use, supported by effective technology and proven results

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