Uscope UE3011

Single-use Flexible ureteroscope

Lately, Pusen has introduced on market UE3011, a mininvasive innovative ureteroscope with a flexible end suitable to remove stones quickly and easily and to make investigations on urinary apparatus.
UE3011 is disposable and sterile so it has the following advantages compared to reusable ureteroscopes:

  • It is absolutely safe towards cross-infections
  • No maintenance or repairs
  • No cleaning and sterilization needed
  • It is always at the best performance since each procedure is performed with a new ureteroscope
  • Always available since cleaning and resterilization are not necessary

UE3011 has a high-quality digital optical system with a 120° field of view, a 0° line of vision and a 3-50 mm visible range. The ureteroscope is extremely versatile: it delivers true 270° deflection in both directions and it has an integrated light with optic fiber. Handle design is ergonomic and the device is light and easy to use.


The maximum diameter of UE3011 is 3.2 mm and the working length is 630 mm. The working channel has an inner diameter of 1 mm.

UE3011 is provided in combination with a portable touch screen monitor, Eview, with a 12.1’’ color LCD TFT display and a resolution of 1024×768. It is light, manageable and intuitive thanks to its interface with icons: Eview allows to obtain the best performance by UE3011. Moreover, pictures and videos can be saved on USB key with Eview.

Uscope UE3011 and Eview are produced by Pusen and exclusively distributed on the italian territory by MOSS S.p.A.

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