Hyper-oxidized oil based medication

NOVOX® are innovative and unique products, they are CE Mark certified medical device class II B. NOVOX® products promote tissue regeneration in various types of wounds, responding perfectly to the widely published & accepted guidelines known as TIME (Tissue – Inflammation – Moisture Imbalance – Epidermal Margin).
NOVOX® can be used for treatment of skin lesions like injures, wounds, ulcers.
NOVOX® DROP presents a pleasant mint aroma and can be used for treatment of oral and labial lesions.


Family products of NOVOX® have several advantages and they can raplaced traditional advanced dressings:

  • they perform film-forming and protective action preventing pathogens contamination of lesion;
  • they permit a rapid regeneration of skin tissue increasing oxygen saturation level;
  • thanks to oxygen delivery, they facilitate wounds epithelialization and healing processes;
  • they are intrinsically immmune of microbial contamination;
  • they create a microenvironment that avoid pathogens proliferation, accelerating healing process;

NOVOX® products are completely natural, hypoallergenic and biologically inert.

NOVOX® products are medical devices, available in 5ml and 1ml syringes in single pack or in box of 10 pieces.

The mechanism of action of family products of NOVOX® on lesions is due to their previously described features. They are recommended for treatment of lesions, particularly for all situations of difficult healing & stagnated wounds, introducing an efficient protective barrier:

  • skin lesions:
    • traumatic and surgical injuries;
    • wounds;
    • ulcers;
    • fistulas;
  • oral end labial mucosa lesions:
    • parodontitis;
    • gengivitis;
    • periradicular lesions;
    • herpetic lesions.

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