NOVOX® Observational Study

On December 2015, Techniques in Coloproctology journal published a study with the purpose to evaluate NOVOX® effects in the treatment of persistent perianal fistulas in patients with Crohn disease.

A total of 26 cases were entered in the study and evaluated for a period of 42-months. Residual fistulas was clinically diagnosed 30 days post-flap surgical intervention.

The residual fistula healing was occurred in 65.4% (17/26) of patients that were followed in the outpatient clinic for an average time of 23.81 months.

In conclusion, NOVOX® use on residual Crohn’s fistulas can reduce surgical re-interventions because it can accelerate lesion healing in case of minor dehiscence.

Complete study “Treatment of minor dehiscence after endorectal advancement flap in perianal Crohn’s fistulas with ozonized oil NOVOX® – S. Laureti, E. Aborajooh, B. Mattioli, G. Poggioli” is available on Techniques in Coloproctology.