First NOVOX® Observational Study

In February 2015, our first observational study was published in the Minerva Chirurgica Journal in order to demonstrate NOVOX® effectiveness in chronic wound management thanks to its film-forming and protective functions.

The study involved 50 patients with recalcitrant not infected and/or necrotic chronic ulcers. All patients had 0.7 minimum ABPI value. The effectiveness was assessed by the evaluation of the WBP score changes and area reduction after an observation period of 4 weeks. All patients achieved area improvement; WBP score improved in more than 90% of the B score patients; pain reduction was reported by all patients: more than 55% of the total number of patients limited the use of analgesic drugs and in 6 cases (12%) they discontinued the antalgic therapy.

The full text  “Evaluation of the effectiveness of a hyperoxidized oil-based medication in the treatment of skin lesions: observational study – R. Cassino, A.M. Ippolito, P. Cuffaro, A. Corsi, O. Forma” is now available at the following link: Minerva Chirurgica – Vol. 70 February 2015